A Dog Park Day

Dezi's first trip to the dog park with Maya and Lili. 
We were the only people and dogs there... until Duncan the Basset showed up to play. 
It was a good experience, Dezi got to run with wild abandon. And she's so good with checking in with me!  The video below shows this!

And lots of pictures!

Isn't she cute?

Maya never enjoys a trip to the dog park. She stay right by my side. 
Actually, I think she only pretends to tolerate the outdoors all together.

Lili and Duncan hunting for vermin together.


Posing with Pequenos

Dezi, Maya, and I have spent the past two weekends at agility trials in the Cincinnati area. We were fortunate to be able to visit with a different Portuguese Podengo Pequeno friend at each trial.

This is Luna and Dezi. They are both wire coats.

Here is Dezi with her half-sister Chama! They share the same mommy.
Yes, they look different, that's because Chama's a smooth coat! When Dezi is all grown-up, she should look about the same as Chama... well, if you were to shave Dezi.  :)  Chama is 2 years older than Dezi. 

Just looking at the pictures, I'm guessing that Dezi will be about the same size as Luna and Chama when she is full grown.


Maya QQ'd!!!

Maya QQ'd!! 
(She really didn't want to have her picture taken!)

Yes, this is a big deal and a rarity! Since we've been in the Excellent B classes, this is only the third time we have QQ'd... we have accomplished it once per year, for the last three years - and it always happens in the fall. Strange, huh?  

Chihuahuas are not an easy breed (they do have a mind of their own sometimes!), but we really have had a bumpy journey - one with several breaks in trialing for one reason or another. And even the Q in Standard, I tried my darnedest to mess her up with bad handling! Videos below.

When did Maya's agility trialing adventure begin? 
It was a beautiful afternoon on May 3rd, 2005, when little Maya was born...  LOL, just kidding!
We competed in our first AKC agility trial in September 2008. I was so nervous that I only entered Saturday! I regretted that once we finished up our day, especially since we had a nice Q in NovA JWW.  A year later - September 2009 - we finished our OA and AXJ titles. September 2010 brought our very first QQ. October 2011: QQ #2 and September 2012: QQ #3. Earlier this year we finally finished our MX. Maybe things are beginning to click, we are syncing as a team? I sure hope so!


Sharon Woods Hike

Last Saturday, after a day of competing in agility, the Small Dog Posse (a group of friends with small dogs brought together by agility) went to Sharon Woods in Sharonville, Ohio to hike. There were 4 humans and 9 dogs - 8 different breeds!  This park is GREAT! There is plenty of opportunity for the pups to get in streams. (as always, click on pictures for a larger view)


This may be a first!! Maya's walking in water! 

So, obviously, I have a hard time getting a picture of Dezi's face. She'll be all exploring, but the second I say her name, she doesn't just look up - she rushes towards me!

Some of the other dogs on our adventure.

Some of the Small Dog Posse :)


Dog Paddle!

A couple Saturdays ago, we attended the Dog Paddle hosted by Friends of the Dog Park at one of the city pools. For the last few years, I've volunteered at this event, but never had a dog that was interested in water. Since Dezi seems to enjoy playing in water, I thought I would take her this year!

Then, I was mean to poor little Dezi. I placed her in the pool (right above the stairs!). She didn't seem to mind it too badly, other than being chilly afterwards.

Life was good again when she found her friends. There's Stout and John!

Jason got some treats at the Bluegrass Barkery booth and made Dezi work for them. :)
Aren't they cute?! (He's getting her to sit and wave.)

 Dezi also found Stout's mom, Merinda, working at the t-shirt booth.

Here's all of us. We survived our first Dog Paddle!
Dezi had fun, even if it was more about exploring and socializing and less about the water.